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In order to be fit and healthy and to exercise in a way that is conducive to one’s body, one does not need a gym. Rather, one needs a suitable concept of fitness aligned to your individual exercise capacity, your wishes, and your needs.
No matter where you live in Vienna, your personal trainer is very close to you because we come to your home.

We offer the following:

  • A modern and functional personal exercise program for every target group
  • Health-oriented wellness and fitness
  • General information about your consumption of calories and the ideal composition of foodstuffs for optimal weight management
  • Planning exercise in endurance sports
  • Exercising with specific technical aids, based on motion analysis in endurance sports like swimming, cycling and jogging.

Your benefits are the following:

Greater chances of success because of individual care

Better health and weight reduction in the long term

No gym so no membership fee, no commitment, and no annoyance

You gain time because we come to your home (provided you live in Vienna) or exercise with you outdoors

Your performance in daily life and sports will increase. Thus, you also enhance your well-being and quality of life.

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